06 August 2013 @ 05:16 pm
dressup fisting / stretching historical roleplay confined / caged tickling
tattoos / tattooing drugs / aphrodisiacs temperature play wet messy dirty plushie or furry kink
verbal humiliation bondage wildcard ageplay breathplay
sensation play begging mechanical / technological leather / latex / rubber authority figures
teasing medical kink suspension ropes / chains uniforms / military kink
26 May 2013 @ 02:11 pm
Age: 27
Bed size: Full
Chore you hate: Laundry
Dog's name: There are three in the house: Bubba, Yama, and Yeller
Essential start to your day item(s): Brushing my teeth. It really helps me wake up and yay for a fresh mouth.
Favorite color: Hunter Green
Gold or silver: Silver
Height: 5'5"
Instruments you play: Cello, guitar, and can plunk on the piano.
Job title: Production Coordinator
Kisses or hugs: Hugs and kisses?
Living arrangements: With the family, but am planning on moving in with a friend soon.
Nicknames: Dev and Dreamer
Overnight hospital stays other than birth: None, for all that I've had ER visits, I've never been admitted overnight.
Pet peeves: The biggest one is mouth noises. Be it eating loudly to smacking of chewing gum, it all drives me nuts.
Quote from a movie: "I would have liked to've seen Montana."
Right or left handed: Righty
Siblings: Two. An older sister and brother.
Time you wake up: My alarm goes off at 6:45am on weekdays...
Underwear: yuuuuuuuuup.
Vegetable you dislike: Zucchini
Ways you run late: Staying in bed too late.
X-rays you've had: Head, wrist, ankle, chest... Lots in other words.
Yummy food you make: I make a pretty good roast duck.
Zoo favorite: Hippos and otters.
03 May 2013 @ 02:24 pm
So, the show was amazing!

When we first got to Wilmington we found the venue and walked around looking for a place to have dinner. While walking around the block behind the venue I jokingly said that when we turned the corner, there would be the van. Low and behold, there was the van with Andrew sitting there like a little puppy. Of course we acted like creepers and laughed once we got past.

While in line we ended up making some friends with a girl, her sister, and mom who were all fangirls and excited to see the show. The girl was actually the one who tweeted at Kris asking for show tickets for the Philadelphia show and did a handstand in front of the Liberty Bell to get them. She really wanted to thank Kris for the tickets since she hadn't been able to at that show.

We were the first in line when the doors opened and we all made our way to the very front of the stage and parked ourselves in front of where Torres is. [personal profile] house_of_lantis has a need and abiding love for Torres.

Jillette was really great and just let herself go because it was her last show with Kris. You could tell she was sad about it, having made a great tour family, but her music is really great. I really enjoyed it the second time around.

Kris was really great when he came on. It was a lot of fun to see him with a guitar again. Our biggest dread was that now that he had the guitar he would be less mobile, but the boy was a bouncy as ever and had so many kicky feet moments. He rambled on a lot during moments which we as the audience encouraged a lot. He was very intent when talking about the reasoning behind Leave You Alone... You could tell he was drawing on lots of personal experience when he was singing it. Since it was Jillette's last night, they did her request and she came back on stage for it. It was really great to hear Torres and Jake sing as well. I do enjoy Torres's voice and I think Kris should keep Jake. He is stupid cute and seems really talented. He seems much more comfortable with the audience than Cale has.

I ended up sassing at Kris when he kinda fumbled with picking up the uke and he wondered why everyone always laughed at him playing the uke. I said it was more him tripping over the cord [which was a bad way to put it when he was more fumbling with the strap] and he got kinda indignant over that, saying that he didn't trip. I sassed a bit more and then seemingly did a bad thing by doing heart hands. [I've never associated them with Danny, but now that I've seen the tweet about that I'm a bit sad that he has appropriate them in that way. I will just now have to always do a broken heart when I do those!]

The mash up that he did of Rooftops with Kriss Kross's Jump was a fun surprise and worked really well. A good way to pay respects.

During the beginning of LLWD, Jake was standing back and mouthing the words along with Kris, it was really adorable. Also, during the song I spotted Jillette standing just off stage with this expression that showed how much she had come to love the tour family. Wistful.

Shut That Door was great with a crap ton of energy. Jillette, Big Daddy, and Jillette's tour manager all trooped on stage with BD grabbing a tambourine to play. Jillette came up and sang with Kris and damn... He had more chemistry with her in that moment than I've ever seen him have with Katy. Just, damn!

I can't remember the song when he climbed off the stage and stood on the tables that were against it, but boy ended up right in front of my face and I learned that he grooms. It was awkward enough with him that fucking close that I didn't take a photo, but damn, I wanted to...

After the show, we three plus our new friends waited outside for the boys to come out to the van. We ended up having really good conversations with Andrew and Torres about their plans post tour. Torres is going home doing some recording of his own stuff for his CD, working with his other band [which I need to look up], and then back to being with Kris. Andrew is going home, gunna hang out with his 16 month old, and finish his accounting degree.

[personal profile] house_of_lantis and I had made CDs to give to Kris, and hers was stripper themed along with a picture on the inside of BD shirtless. Mine ended up having to be two CDs because I ended up with 20 songs on it that I couldn't cull down.

And now I'm about to hit the road again to see him in Maryland for his final show! Sometimes it is a lot of fun being a fangirl.
01 May 2013 @ 10:25 pm
Ugh, so I fucking suck at posting.

Had a carrot scare this afternoon. The yummy chicken wraps that I often have for lunch had carrots in them. I'll miss those wraps.

I'm so behind in my KBB... I have 130ish new words to a fic that I started back in 2010. The original doc has about 5K written, but damn, my writing has changed from then to now. Unfortunately, I've had little to no inspiration to actually write. What little writing I've done was when I should have been working on updating my resume, which is kinda coming along as well.

Nothing quite like wanting to look for a new job and being distracted by fic and the daunting task that is actually looking for that new job.

I do have some fun and exciting things happening though! [personal profile] house_of_lantis, [personal profile] faerielissa, and I are all road tripping it up to Delaware tomorrow to see the adorable Kris Allen. And then on Friday [personal profile] samanthahirr is going with us to see Kris in Maryland. As my coworker said, we've become groupies and we love it!

And in other fun news I just bought a Vitamix blender! I'm so excited to play with it in the morning! No more putting in ingredients one at a time for my morning smoothies. Now I can just put it all in at once and hit blend!
09 April 2013 @ 07:51 pm
Guess who is now allergic to raw carrots? Gotta love when your tongue and throat starts swelling up. Benadryl has been taken and my mom is threatening 911 if it starts to get worse. Brilliant.

Currently trying to relax and keep the panic-y feeling that is clawing up my throat down.

In a more hilarious anecdote... Was squeezing lemon juice from a lemon into a salad dressing bottle, and twice my fingers slipped, sending the bottle with juice in it flying to the ground. The second time I threw the half a lemon across the counter in disgust and after cleaning up the mess had my mother finish the dressing. What a night.
16 February 2013 @ 07:04 pm
Well friends, the time has come. Not to talk of shoes and ships and sealing wax, but of my switch to dreamwidth...

So, I'll keep cross posting and reading my LJ flist, but I think that LJ is really falling away from the original site that I became enamored with back in 2001.

Drop me a line with your DW username and I'll start keeping track of people on DW as well.

Huh, maybe I'll actually start updating again...
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