01 May 2013 @ 10:25 pm
Ugh, so I fucking suck at posting.

Had a carrot scare this afternoon. The yummy chicken wraps that I often have for lunch had carrots in them. I'll miss those wraps.

I'm so behind in my KBB... I have 130ish new words to a fic that I started back in 2010. The original doc has about 5K written, but damn, my writing has changed from then to now. Unfortunately, I've had little to no inspiration to actually write. What little writing I've done was when I should have been working on updating my resume, which is kinda coming along as well.

Nothing quite like wanting to look for a new job and being distracted by fic and the daunting task that is actually looking for that new job.

I do have some fun and exciting things happening though! [personal profile] house_of_lantis, [personal profile] faerielissa, and I are all road tripping it up to Delaware tomorrow to see the adorable Kris Allen. And then on Friday [personal profile] samanthahirr is going with us to see Kris in Maryland. As my coworker said, we've become groupies and we love it!

And in other fun news I just bought a Vitamix blender! I'm so excited to play with it in the morning! No more putting in ingredients one at a time for my morning smoothies. Now I can just put it all in at once and hit blend!
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